the bohemian buddhist is also known as Daniela, in her forties and the mother of 4 people. she's also {among other things} highly sensitive {or: a bit of a wuss}, menopausal and an introvert.
she resides {and was born} in the South-West of Holland, but has lost her heart somewhere along the South coast of England...
there's many things that she's interested in, mainly the arts (making and admiring}, writing, being in other places, reading about and finding my own (and other people's) spiritual sides, music {Pearl Jam!!}, film, design, cats, dogs & hamsters...

in the bohemian buddhist's house live a few more creatures who are sometimes mentioned in posts
they are:
* Max - 23, lives on his own
* Otto - 21
* Felix - 17
* Polly - 14 (female, phew...)
* Molly & Saartje - the two cats that have agreed to live with us. they are a bit mad, very sweet and full of beans

regularly featured: 
* my friend Mo
* the 2 daughers-in-law {whom i won't name, out of courtesy...}
* my friend S
* Winston - hamster {deceased...}

artwork by Pops {2009}

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