10 January 2017

fiction fan

it had been a while since i read any, the stories i've saved on a fanfiction site that i discovered quite a few years ago. i'd become uninterested, not able to engage in the soppy romances, or the predictability of the {getting together}s or even the love expressed between two humans who In Real Life {well, their original fictional universes} were just mates, or arch enemies, or indifferent to each other's existence.

how different that had been years ago, when i'd spend hours devouring one story after another. mainly very well-written stuff, with deep layered plots, by incredibly well researched or just amazingly insightful authors. the lesser ones cast aside in search of gems, most leaving me feeling hopeful, happy, touched... some of them however had the capacity to render me in a heap of sad introspection. convinced none of the love-lives i discovered and became part of were ever going to be reality for myself. or any of us...