31 May 2015

thrive & prosper

and, as i already suspected on Thursday, i'm going to abort the 30DaysWritingChallenge... too uninspiring {basically cos i've done it before...}, and as i said to Kati: i know... i know where my mental blocks are, i don't need them to be unearthed for the umpteenth time... i need to get on with my life, enjoy it, be happy and 

this morning i watched a really inspiring interview with The Barefoot Doctor, a British guy who's studied Taoism and various other forms of spirituality, and a wonderful advocate for {self-}healing and one of my teachers in the art of Stopping Me From Taking Life {& Myself} So Bloody Seriously... he's funny and pertinent, and has a distant charm - a bit like the Dalai Lama, in some ways - and just when i think he's a little bit too Ibiza faux-hippy fashionable, he seems to be able to redeem himself and get me back on track...

anyway, what i wanted to say is that life's too short, and i need to have fun things happen in my life, stop feeling sorry for myself, and stop getting others to feel sorry for me... so what if it's raining? dance in the falling drops!! {and stop going on about pneumonia!!} things like challenges that aren't fun or making me think and don't feel essential shall be pt out with the rubbish... life's too short...

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