13 May 2015

30 day writings {3} one line

your genuine actions will explain themselves, as will your reactions to the genuine actions of others. your conformism will explain nothing. the force of character is accumulative ~ R.W. Emerson 

if "the voyage of the best ship is a criss cross line of a hundred points" 
then it is more sincere to be present today than it is to be stuck in many yesterdays. 
how would you describe today, using only one sentence?

{as much i as would love to say that this thing makes sense, i can't... i will however attempt to write something...}

today is another attempt at trying to live by my truth; to feel my boundaries and not let them be crossed by those i do not want in my {emotional} vicinity; to comfort and help my {beautiful} inner child; to move forward from what i thought i should've been, even i, even after all these years; to find out what it is i really REALLY want, where i really want to be, who i want to be with, and revel in life's magnificent offerings!!! 

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Kati H said...

Hear hear! Well said! *applauds you*

Daan (Dan) said...