2 February 2014

sunday songbook - r.e.m.

back to an old love of mine, one that seemed to spring on me in a time when the music that came out of my radio was absolute rubbish, in my eyes... can't exactly remember how i discovered them, but i do remember the feeling of having discovered a BAND that made songs that had an energy that i understood, sang about things that meant something to me, had a worldliness that i wished i possessed... and the singer...

i don't like falling into a kind of nostalgia for my teenage, cos i don't feel it, but when i hear music from this lot, it just happens...

...orange crush
{from Green, the album that blew me of my feet...}

...you are the everything
{lovely song, also from Green}

...so. central rain
{from a time when hardly anybody knew them, apart form a handful of art students in America, a time when Michael Stipe still had hair...}

...{don't go back to} rockville
{see above}

{pretty song, love the sentiment}

...love is all around {troggs cover, unplugged}
{sung by Mike Mills, which he hardly ever did, when they did their Unplugged thingy on MTV}

...i walked with a zombie
{a b-side or a track from an EP, which the (flemish alternative music) radio station that had only just started then, to my intense joy, kept playing for weeks on end, cheering up my days in the office no end...}

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