28 January 2014

digging for treasures

as long as i can remember, i go to Emmaus,
a second-hand shop/organisation 
founded by a priest in France, 
and run as a commune,
set in an old convent 
just outside of Breda.
it's lovely there, as the convent is an old place,
restored a few times,
but it was allowed to retain it's character
{rare in Holland...}
the convent originated a long time ago,
was a lot bigger originally,
but unfortunately a big part was destroyed.
the small outbuildings have survived
and now house the many different sections.
there's a sweet bric-a-brac part,
the electronics-section,
an enormous clothes area,
children's clothes, paraphernalia and toys,
and a caf where they sell cakes

the picture underneath was taken this summer
when i was there with a few of the kids,
looking for treasures,
or just some bits and bobs.
the kids {17 and 10, then}
were having a whale of a time 
on the sea-saw,
and the swings...

the building looks a lot like my dream house, 
as i picture it in my head.
same feel, charm,
with less chairs though 
and a lot less people hanging around...

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