16 December 2013


beauty is in the eye of the beholder

funny sometimes, how one person's perception of beauty 
is another's idea of ugly...

on Facebook i'd put a photo of an actor that i really like, as a customer in the health food shop where i work reminded me of him. my boss hadn't heard of the man i mentioned and so i placed a picture of him for her. this caused two reactions: one saying that they too thought he was cute, and that he played in a series that i'd not hear of, and another asking me who the creepy guy was...

another friend had placed a picture of a bloke on her timeline - a dude with long-ish grey hair, and a beard. the comments {many, as her friend appear to be more vocal...} varied from 'wow!' {mine, i think} to 'Yuck, that bloke looks like Catweazle...' 

one person's yummy is another person's yuck, it seems...

a few yummies in my eyes

andrew scott
draco malfoy
{played by tom felton} 
florence welch
eddie izzard
marilyn monroe
john lennon
rupert graves
{the picture i'd placed on my facebook timeline}
margriet van der linden
{dutch journalist}
david tennant
{being Doctor Who}
mark gatiss
{personifying Mycroft Holmes...}
eddie vedder
tom sturridge
playing alan ginsberg}
rupert graves again
{25 years earlier...}